Jackson Farm
Contact: Dan Jackson
Address: 708 S Progress Rd. Spokane Valley, WA, 99037
Email Address:
Phone: 509-220-9015
About Us
Dan Jackson of Jackson Farm is known as the tomato jedi, basil guru, and Director of Sales for LINC Foods! Dan and his family started the farm 20 years ago in order to provide a second income for their family and they became one of the largest direct-to-restaurant farms in the area. Jackson Farm uses all organic practices and has no bug issues due to healthy soil - contributing to produce of the highest quality.

All of the produce from Jackson Farm is sold through LINC Foods! Produce varities from Jackson Farm are selected by the best chefs in the Spokane area and is featured at restaurants including Tomato Street, Cochinito, Mizuna, and The Wandering Table.