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Shearvista Polypays Farm
Contact: Laura & Tim Ray
Address: 3117 N Old Trails Rd 3117 N Old Trails RD Spokane WA 99224 Spokane, WA, 99026
Phone: 509-995-3256
About Us
Small Family owned farm/ranch raising sheep for food and fiber
and seed stock
On our ranch we graze our sheep on grass and or legume mix fields in the milder months Because several months of the year we have snow cover we also feed alfalfa and grass hay( we grow without chemicals) as needed and a mix of pea pellets and barley. Our lambs are harvested between 8-10 months During that time they receive NO! growth promotants, antibiotics or hormones. We have our carcasses custom butchered and inspected so specials requests can be honored if we are contacted in time.