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Smoot's Flavor Farm
Contact: Lindsary Myron
Address: 6091 Palouse-Albion Rd. Pullman, WA, 99163
Phone: 509-592-7841
About Us
Smoot's Flavor Farm is a woman owned and operated farm established in 2019 by Pullmanite Lindsay Myron. Rooted at the base of Smoot Hill, about 10 miles north of Pullman, Washington, Smoot's Flavor Farm grows culinary and tea herbs for restaurants, caterers, and kitchens of all kinds. We are transitioning to Organic, with a focus on producing herbs of the highest quality, flavor, and essential oil content.
We are transitioning to Organic (a 3 year process), so all of our herbs are grown naturally without synthetic inputs. We manage our farm under no-till production. No plows, no cultivators, just the absolute minimum amount of soil disturbance. Each year we put down a new layer of certified Organic compost on the surface and let the biology of the soil incorporate it into the soil strata, thereby fostering healthy habitat for mycelium, beneficial insects and microbiology.