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Elithorp Farm
Contact: John Elithorp
Address: 4833B S Swenson Rd. Deer Park, WA, 99006
Phone: 509-276-6647
About Us
We are John and Cindy Elithorp of Elithorp Farm. John got into farming when he was very young and found it exciting to plant and watch things grow. We have since grown into a small family farm with our two children, Eric and Sara, and we are all an integral part of the farm. We are a local safe farm, which means that we are committed to producing healthy produce without the use of pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers; only organic materials. We farm 17 acres in Deer Park and have 35+ years of experience in vegetable production. Of those 35 yrs., we have farmed in Deer Park for 9 yrs. It has always been important to us to grow quality, fresh, locally grown food that is healthy and safe for our communities and helps us to be involved in a lifestyle and business that can benefit everyone.