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Chesed Farms
Address: 2022 Wallula Ave Walla Walla, WA, 99362
Phone: 509-676-8196
About Us
Chesed Farms is a strategically located network of always local food production resources, and first choice in the community for premium, fresh produce, and gourmet mushrooms.

Our mission is to contribute to a well-rounded plate for a healthy and sustainable diet, while building loving and kind relationships in our community.

The word “Chesed” is defined as: Lovingkindness, the idea of faithful love in action and often refers to God’s lovingkindness expressed in His covenant relationship with His people. God’s chesed-love denotes persistent and unconditional tenderness, kindness, and mercy, a relationship in which He seeks after man with love and mercy. This captures the spirit of why we operate a local farm. To show love to those in our community through providing nutritious, healthy, conscious food.