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Beyond Pickles
Contact: Cheri & Bill Smoot
Address: PO Box 625 Richland Richland, WA, 99352
About Us
We specialize in naturally fermented (naturally pickled) – ‘living’ – vegetable condiments including sauerkrauts, kimchis, and other fermented products made with the highest-quality ingredients with a goal of sourcing primarily from farms in Eastern Washington. All of our products are freshly fermented and should be refrigerated.
We are the Pacific Northwest's premier artisanal fermentery. Located in the Tri-Cities, WA, our vision is to create the highest-quality (and many unique) ferments with locally grown vegetables to promote and strengthen regional food security while building community, celebrating the diversity and authenticity of all people, embracing the power of knowledge and excitement of discovery, and promoting the pride of makers and artisanship.